Product model: X1
Power supply mode: Lithium battery charging
Input power: DC5V-1A
Capacity: 25ml water tank
Nano-scale water absorption
Ultrasonic vibration technology

1. Add water: After twisting the water tank open, add water to the water tank, then close the water tank tightly
2. Double click to boot
3. Click Shutdown
4. Charging flashing blue light, full blue light is always on

working principle:  Using high-tech chip control mode and special process shaking technology, it is pure water nanometerization, split into 0.3-0.5 microns, can quickly penetrate the pores of the skin into the basal layer, allowing the skin to better absorb moisture.

1. The water leaking from the mist outlet is because the water tank contains air. Spray the air for 10 seconds after starting to remove the air and return to normal!
2. Please do not use thick liquids, detergents, etc. containing mercury, alkaline, acid and other supplies for cleaning

Mini Sprayer